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With a good few decades of music experience in the bag, Asterox are proud to deliver “Eponymous”: an album full of songs that encapsulate the entirety of their musical journey.


Eponymous reflects Asterox’s thoughts on spirituality, relationships, indulgence, the futility of conflict, peace and idealism. Eponymous is joyous, groovy and life-affirming.


In making Eponymous, Asterox have drawn on their circle of musical friends. This lends the album a vast array of colours and sounds, which bring the songs to life. With compelling grooves, appealing harmonies and thought provoking lyrics, Eponymous is intended to move you on many levels. We hope you like it.


Eponymous was produced, recorded and mixed by Steve White at Big Boys Studios in Witney, England. It was then mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio in Oxford, England.

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